The Cart

The urban vending solution of the future.

Here are five simple reasons why:

It is Solar Powered.

Musana Carts harness the energy of the sun. We have created a holistic solar system within the Musana Carts -- a vendor makes small daily payments for the cart, activating the solar panel. The planel powers the lights, the sockets, the radio and the fan in the stove, all of which are sources of revenue for the vendor allowing him or her to make future payments and have plenty of income remaining.

It is Modular.

In the urban marketplace you can find just about anything. For this reason, street vendors need customizable solutions to their storage, mobility and energy needs. Musana Carts are designed for and with each vendor to ensure what they receive is exactly what they need.

It is Eco-friendly.

Charcoal burning is the most common form of fuel for vendors selling cooked food. Musana Carts come equipped with environmentally friendly eco-stoves which eliminate harmful smoke inhalation and reduce air pollution.

It is Financially Inclusive.

Many vendors do not have the means to purchase a Musana Cart outright. For this reason we have come up with a personalised payment plan to ensure every micro-entrepreneur has access to the benefits of Musana Carts.