Musana Carts

A Brighter Way


Hello and welcome to the Musana cart revolution. Musana carts are a solar powered smart street food vending solution suitable & fully customizable for anyone looking to start a street food business.

2020 happened to be a tough year on us all having to adapt and make changes in our daily lives in order to get through the pandemic, but this only happened to bring out the true entrepreneurial spirit of the everyday Ugandan. Musana has been able to provide 75 vendors dealing in different commodities with 75 carts all built to their tastes& preferences with the aim of increasing their overall income . It is through these carts and the musana training curriculum that these people have not only managed to survive but also thrive during these tough economic times.

We are looking forward to empowering a lot more Ugandan individuals through the year 2021 whilst ensuring our vendors adhere to all Ministry Of Health SOP’s & food safety regulations.